Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Vision For My Life

My mom has a certain vision for the lives of her children, and she tries not to let the facts of our lives get in the way of that vision, at least publicly.

My younger brother is a real-estate agent and was, for a short while, a carpet salesman and youth pastor. And despite the fact that two of those jobs require employees to refer to clusters of raisins smushed into carpets as “wear patterns” – which to me is entirely fascinating – Mom focuses on the pastor part, especially when updating friends about her children’s achievements.

It doesn’t matter that Trevor no longer has that job, and it doesn’t matter than when he first decided to go to a non-accredited Bible college, she asked, “Well, what are you going to have to show for it?” He managed to pass Ecclesiastes 101 and give a few sermons at a local church, which meant that he had done well with enough with God that she could afford to renounce her dream of framing his college diploma. And now, she can finally accept his godly ambitions - two years after he quit pastoring.

What's the turnaround rate for the decision I made today? When will my new digs make it onto Mom’s list of acceptable accomplishments? The current list for her three boys goes something like: aspiring chocolatier (oldest son), youth pastor (youngest), teacher who plans on pursuing master’s degree (me, the middle). All of it is true, or was true, at some point in time. It’s just not all true simultaneously.

But yes, it does sound better than the other list, my list: Willy-Wonka Wannabe, real-estate angent, teacher about to buy trailer in the woods.


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