Monday, August 14, 2006

Rooms of One's Own

After vacuuming spiders from windowsills and cupboards, corners and crannies, after wiping the ceilings and walls clear of webs, I had time to look around.

Two bedrooms! A bathroom! A kitchen! There are four rooms here, and I find myself walking from room to room just to confirm that I can. After three years living under a garage – where all one needed to do to get from the kitchen to the toilet was turn ninety degrees – I relish the amount of movement required to get from one task to another, for instance, the preparing of fresh food in one location and the dispensing of digested food elsewhere. The hallway between the two tasks reminds me of this separation, and sometimes I just stand in it, admiring it, thinking that maybe it should also count as a room, for a total of five.

(Plus, there’s a bonus room. Among other things the owners left behind is a dayroom that looks like it was sawed-off the trailer. At some point it was an addition, but someone along the way wanted it subtracted, and now it's sawed-off, although the tunnel of tarps to the front door keeps it connected. Yes, it's a bit of an eyesore, but hey, no sawed-off shotgun, and that’s good, right?)


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